Founding Member Benefits

Aug 25

As a Founding Member of a Bpeneur membership, there are a number of substantial benefits that can be offered to incentivise sign-ups and reward their early commitment to the platform. 

First month “Market Research” month at no charge:

Founding Members will be offered the first month of their membership with us on a complimentary basis as long as they are open to having a quid pro quo relationship with their account manager to provide feedback, offer ideas and be transparent about challenges; this market research month will be offered on the contingent basis that they sign up with our platform for a membership that is not month-to-month (time period TBD)

Exclusive access to Founding Member content:

Founding Members will be given exclusive access to content that is not available to other members. For example, early access to new features, research data, eBooks, whitepapers and webinars in addition to their starter tools/modules.

Special pricing plans:

Founding members can be offered a more favourable pricing plan than the standard subscription fee. For example, a discount off the regular fee or locked-in pricing for the lifetime of their membership.
Unlimited access to customer support: Founding members will have access to dedicated customer support with a fast-track ticketing system and priority response times, whereby account management support may be limited for month-to-month clients.

Personalised onboarding & training:

Founding members can be offered personalised onboarding and training sessions to help them quickly understand the platform and its features, making their experience as smooth as possible and building in the feedback aspect of their Founding Membership agreement.
Dynamic Hub for Tools, Data & Community: The platform serves as a hub where tools, data, and community converge, fostering an environment conducive to business growth.

Access to the Bpeneur founders & product team:

Founding Members can be given direct access to the platform founders and product team, access to exclusive feedback channels, and the opportunity to have impact on future product direction.
Recognition & badges: Founding Members can be recognized visibly on the platform as being early adopters and have badges on their profile pages. Such recognition can also be used as part of their personal brand evangelism for your service.

Mutual PR Opportunities:

Founding Members will have the opportunity to use the BPeneur logo on their site and marketing materials; as well, we will look to do joint press releases and shared social media campaigns to engender brand identity & awareness for both parties.

Invitation to Founding Members events:

Founding members will be invited to attend exclusive events where they can meet other Founding Members, network, and form a community of closely associated individuals committed to our platform. Not only will we be doing larger, geographically convenient events, but we will also look at opportunities to bring together Founding Members on a smaller, more intimate basis so that they can share their experiences and have a more personal level of contact with BPeneur

Annual competitions for most active Founding Members:

Founding Members will be recognised for their engagement & contribution to the growth and development of BPeneur

Access to exclusive features:

Members could be provided with access to features that are in beta mode and first look at product development calendars

Discounts & promotions:

Continued offers will be presented to Founding Members throughout the year on an ongoing basis, tailored to their sector and seasonality
Regular updates & improvements: Memberships could include regular updates to the service, with new features added frequently to ensure that members have access to the latest tools and resources - this could be done in a quarterly Founding Members newsletter & maybe even specific social messaging to get other people kind of interested in what a founding member is


Members will be given access to an exclusive online community where they can connect with other members, share experiences and learn from each other.


Members will be given the opportunity to customise the subscription service according to their specific needs in an enterprise fashion when we are in Phase 2, creating their own dashboard, and setting up custom alerts.

Referral programme:

Founding Members will receive some sort of ancillary commission for referring successful clients and recognition for any referral they make

These are just some of the benefits that we can offer to Founding Members who join BPeneur in a pre-sales, committed fashion. Any of these benefits will help to reward early adopters, incentivise sign-ups, and build brand loyalty for our subscription service platform.

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